Conference Center

Hosting and supporting conferences and other live events is your bread & butter. You’ve been doing it for years and you’re very good at it. Your in-house A/V provider does a great job, but sometimes the requirements are greater than they can handle; your client either wants to make “a big production out of it” or doesn’t have the funds to support what they want or need to do.

That’s when you turn to us. We can work as a part of your “in-house” team, under your brand or be the out-of-house hired gun with the latest & greatest technology (robotic cameras, 4K production or 4K overshoot, multi-layered graphics-intensive production switching, social media integration and global remote participants to name a few).

We can make two cameras look like six. We can provide six or seven cameras without costing like it. We can make you look like a hero for  providing it.

    Greater Philadelphia Area

    White Label Webcasting
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