We understand that providing hotel-based event services is a delicate balancing act. In addition to serving several masters simultaneously (your client, hotel management, your corporate parent), you have to provide a great event experience for the attendees and an equally great one for the event organizers.

With all of that to manage, it’s hard to be in the A/V support business too. Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have an in-house A/V vendor, but even then, sometimes you need options; higher-end technology (i.e. remote control robotic cameras, complex layered on-screen graphics), more flexible pricing, more prep time, and more client hand-holding.

That’s why we’re here; to augment your existing resources or handle everything independently.

You want to be a “single source” for your clients needs, but sometimes, you need more to offer than you have. We can bring you the flexibility and pricing options that you need.

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    White Label Webcasting
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